February 19, 2016

Porter Farms, Schilling to Be Similar But Each to Have Unique Personality

By Tony Marks
– The Collierville Herald –

Benches on sidewalks set back from the wide streets and similar signage will show that Schilling Farms and the planned Porter Farms development are in the same family.

The Porter Farms development will be designed like Schilling Farms and the two will most likely overlap though they will have their own personality, said Gary Thompson, a vice-president with Boyle Investment Company.

Boyle, one half of Schilling’s developer, is also developing Porter Farms in a joint venture with the Porter family.

Schilling’s pedestrian-friendly layout with sidewalks that are set back farther from the roads and its tree-lined streetscapes will carry into Porter Farms, making it appear as a kind of district of Schilling, Thompson said. The two developments could connect by another road or with development, he said.

He said Porter Farms will have some things that set it apart, including its logo which will be a different shape from the Schilling logo.

Plans for Porter Farms could be on the agenda for the Planning Commission’s May meeting.