December 08, 2022

Boyle Talks: Jason Walters Talks Furthering the Vision of the Boyle Family and Tradition


In this series of Boyle Talks, Jason discusses his transition from being a consultant and town engineer to becoming an engineer with Boyle.

In his role, Jason now gets to help craft the vision of his project to align Boyle’s vision. Jason says, “The tradition of the Boyle family and what they have done in Memphis to endure the test of time speaks to the quality of the projects. The company truly cares about every project from start to a long-standing ownership.”


Gary: Hi, I’m Gary Thompson with Boyle Investment Company, and we’re here for another episode of Boyle Talks. Today, we’ll be talking with Jason Walters who’s a Vice President in our residential and commercial land development groups. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jason!

Jason: Thanks, Gary.  Like you said, I’ve been here at Boyle for about three and a half years now after about nine years being in the consulting engineering industry. I moved on to the town of Collierville where I was able to take an opportunity as a senior civil engineer where my primary focus was in storm water. I was responsible for helping develop their storm water program initially, but after a couple of years, I was able to move into their deputy town engineer position, which many places would call their assistant town engineer. I would help, as opposed to being the the civil engineer that was bringing in a set of plans for review, I was the one that was accepting those plans for review.

Gary: So, you’ve been a consultant and you’ve been a town engineer, now you’re engineering on the development side. How is it different with Boyle do you think?

Jason: Just the perspective difference. When I was a consulting engineer, I was taking the vision of an owner and the goal was to put together a set of plans that met their vision. Whereas now, in the owner’s role, the goal is to help craft that vision and help further the vision of the Boyle family.

Gary: So, many of the projects that you and I work together on,  we will be involved or owned for many many years.

Jason: Very much. Very very much so. Boyle’s been around since 1933. As I think about the tradition and the heritage of the Boyle family and what they have done throughout the city of Memphis, the projects that they have done and that we that we have done, are still some of the most high quality projects in the city.

Gary: They’ve endured the test of time.

Jason: They’ve endured and there’s a reason why they’ve endured. It is that the design professionals cared about the projects and also the family cared about the projects. Therefore, those within the department, they’ve all continued to care about the projects.

Gary: Gosh, Jason! It sounds like you hit the ground running here and have fit right in with a great team of people here at Boyle. Thanks for joining us today!

Jason: Thank you Gary!

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