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Boyle Talks: Mark Halperin Discusses Boyle’s History and Culture

November 23, 2023

 Summary In this series of Boyle Talks, Mark Halperin discusses his experiences working with Boyle for more than 50 years and how the company has built a culture of integrity and loyalty by empowering teammates. Transcript Gary: I’m Gary Thompson I’m your host today for another episode of Boyle Talks. Today we’ll be talking […]

Get to Know Jud Lindsey, Director of Maintenance

June 06, 2023

This is the first in a series of profiles of key members of Boyle’s Memphis office team. Jud Lindsey joined Boyle in 2020 as part of the Highwoods Properties team hired when the company acquired four Highwoods ‘Class A’ office buildings. According to Senior VP Kathy Pampuro, “Jud is an integral part of our team […]

Boyle Talks: Gary Thompson Talks Residential Real Estate Development

April 26, 2023

Summary In this series of Boyle Talks, Gary Thompson discusses his experience of starting at Boyle to being on the ground floor of developing some of Memphis’s most renowned residential and mixed-used communities. Transcript Tom: Welcome to another episode of Boyle Talks. I’m Tom Hutton, and today we’re visiting with Gary Thompson, Senior Vice President […]

Boyle Talks: Noah McKinney Talks Planning Commercial Interior Spaces

February 09, 2023

Summary In this series of Boyle Talks, Noah discusses his role as an in-house space planner, and how he works directly with Boyle’s customers to ensure their space matches their vision and all necessary requirements. Transcript Gary: I’m Gary Thompson, and welcome to another edition of Boyle Talks. Today we’ll be talking with Noah McKinney, […]

Boyle Talks: Kathy Pampuro Talks Overseeing New Tenants and Keeping Things Simple

January 09, 2023

Summary In this series of Boyle Talks, Kathy discusses her process when working with businesses to find and lease the right space that will serve their short-term and long-term needs. Kathy explains how Boyle is unique in the market and every opportunity is viewed as a relationship first, not just a transaction. “Our average tenant […]

Boyle Talks: Jason Walters Talks Furthering the Vision of the Boyle Family and Tradition

December 08, 2022

Summary In this series of Boyle Talks, Jason discusses his transition from being a consultant and town engineer to becoming an engineer with Boyle. In his role, Jason now gets to help craft the vision of his project to align Boyle’s vision. Jason says, “The tradition of the Boyle family and what they have done […]

Boyle Talks: Harold Moss Talks Client Relationships and the Obligation to Give Back

November 08, 2022

Summary In this series of Boyle Talks, Harold discusses his experience of transitioning to Boyle through acquisition, hi approach to property management, and passion for giving back to the community. Harold started in commercial real estate in 1984, and prior to Boyle, he worked for Highwoods for 27 years. Through an acquisition, Harold started at […]

Boyle Talks: Dena Forbes Talks Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

October 05, 2022

In this series of Boyle Talks, Dena discusses the role of a property manager, tenant satisfaction, efficiency, and problem solving. She includes how property managers care for the ins and outs of buildings, allowing the properties to be safe, efficient, and maintained properly for tenants. “The best way to do this..,” says Dena, “is to […]