Joint Ventures

Our attitude is one of partnership, and our culture is that of a long-term owner. If property owners are looking for a quick flip or turn, we are probably the wrong people. Boyle is a private real estate company that seeks long-term capital appreciation through the application of real estate investment principles that emphasize the preservation and growth of capital. Boyle’s long-term approach and ethical standards make us an attractive partner for individuals, estates and trust departments with similar goals and ethics who own strategically located, underdeveloped property. We make every effort to see that members of our development team establish goals that align with those of our investment partnerships, creating a scenario in which they are not only transaction sensitive, but vitally focused on long-term profitability, as well.

Over the years, Boyle related entities or personnel have entered selectively into joint ventures that have led to some of the South’s premier properties – Schilling Farms in Collierville, Tennessee; Meridian Cool Springs and Berry Farms in Franklin, Tennessee; Ridgeway Center, Humphreys Center, Regalia, The Gardens of River Oaks, and The Cloisters in East Memphis; The Shops of Forest Hill and the Farmington developments in Germantown, Tennessee, are just a few examples.