January 09, 2023

Boyle Talks: Kathy Pampuro Talks Overseeing New Tenants and Keeping Things Simple


In this series of Boyle Talks, Kathy discusses her process when working with businesses to find and lease the right space that will serve their short-term and long-term needs.

Kathy explains how Boyle is unique in the market and every opportunity is viewed as a relationship first, not just a transaction. “Our average tenant has been with [Boyle] for more than 15 years and some have been with [Boyle] for more than 45 years.”


Gary: Hi, I’m Gary Thompson. I’m a Senior Vice President here at Boyle investment Company and we’re here for another episode of Boyle talks. Today we’ll be interviewing Kathy Pampuro. She’s an Executive Vice President in our Commercial Sales and Leasing Department. Good morning, Kathy! Welcome to Boyle Talks.

Kathy: Good morning Gary

Gary: So, what do you do here at Boyle?

Kathy: We lease office space. I keep up with our inventory… what’s available. When a prospect you know shows up or calls on the phone, you know you try to have an understanding of what they need. Not only their short-term needs, but their long-term needs, so you can plan for future growth. So you know we show prospects various suites. Once we do that, I will design a plan for them because it’s basically a laundry list of what they need in their space. Like number of private offices, conference rooms, open areas, you get all kinds of stuff. You know how many employees, you understand foot traffic, tenant compatibility. We have in-house space planning capabilities, which is unique. I think we’re just the only landlord in Memphis that actually has in-house space planning capabilities and then…

Gary: That’s unique in our market!

Kathy: It’s very unique.

Gary: Because you’re more than just a leasing agent, you’re also a landlord.

Kathy: We’re a landlord, and you know we don’t look at a deal on a transaction by transaction by transaction. It’s a relationship basis. Our average tenant has been with us for more than 15 years and we have some that have been with us as long as 45 years. They truly become lifelong friends. Our tenants know that they can pick up the phone and call us. Once we lease the space we’re here, we’re not going anywhere.

Gary: Businesses expand, businesses contract. With the markets, they adjust so having someone that they can talk to seems like a real advantage to them.

Kathy: It’s a big advantage.

Gary: It sounds like you really get to know the people that move into these spaces and what it is they’re trying to do with their business. It’s almost like you become their real estate consultant or helper.

Kathy: That’s true. And I go home at night and I lay in bed and I think about how can we make this easy. How do you reflect that in lease language? Everybody benefits when you don’t make things so complicated, and I think that’s what we try to do.

Gary: Are you involved in every lease that we do?

Kathy: Yes. I touch every lease, every document. You know, over the years we’ve dealt with a lot of asset managers. You know, with some of our institutional partners. I’ve learned a lot. Not only from employees and peers here at Boyle. And so I learned early on just try to streamline and not complicate.

Gary: Well Kathy, thank you for telling us what you do here at Boyle.

Kathy: You’re welcome.

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