June 06, 2023

Get to Know Jud Lindsey, Director of Maintenance

This is the first in a series of profiles of key members of Boyle’s Memphis office team.

Jud Lindsey joined Boyle in 2020 as part of the Highwoods Properties team hired when the company acquired four Highwoods ‘Class A’ office buildings. According to Senior VP Kathy Pampuro, “Jud is an integral part of our team and has made a large impact in his short time here.” As Director of Maintenance Jud is responsible for the operation of all of Boyle’s office and retail buildings totaling four million square feet of space, and he directs the entire maintenance team of 12 technicians as well as many of our vendors.

Jud is uniquely qualified to handle this task as he has 33 years of maintenance experience under his belt. He began his real estate career in 1990 with Interstate Realty, and he and Harold Moss, Senior VP, have worked together for 30 years starting at Towermarc then Highwoods and now Boyle.

Jud has gained a wealth of knowledge in all areas of building maintenance ranging from electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, elevators to paving, and he even works with the IT team to manage computer networks and security camera systems. He also is very involved in the construction of new properties as well as tenant improvement projects. According to Harold, Jud’s myriad work experiences are invaluable and he is a true Renaissance man with a variety of outside interests. “His true value shines through the brightest when there is a crisis,” says Harold. “Jud never asks his team of maintenance technicians to do anything he wouldn’t do or hasn’t done himself. He has done it all and is a great manager of people. He and I have never had a cross word in 30 years of working together.”

Jud has 12 certifications ranging from chilled water applied systems to energy management to security and camera systems. This specialized training benefits the company because Jud can handle issues in-house instead of having to outsource it. “The biggest challenge I face is the number of buildings we manage and the potential things that can happen,” says Jud. “Every day our maintenance technicians face a multitude of issues at various buildings, and my role is to ‘triage’ whatever comes in and prioritize the jobs to determine the most critical. It involves a lot of multi-tasking, and when an unfortunate incident occurs our team takes pride in quickly resolving the issue to the best satisfaction of our tenant. We have a great team that works well together, and our top priority is making sure our tenants are happy.”

When asked about his experience thus far at Boyle, Jud explains he couldn’t have asked for any better of a transition and he feels like he’s been here for years. “I enjoy coming to work every day and really appreciate the family-like atmosphere,” says Jud. “I have liked coming back to work for a privately-owned company instead of a big corporate entity.”

Jud is married to Jennifer and they have three children: David (31), Courtney (29) and Joseph (19). One of Jud’s favorite hobbies is restoring classic jeeps and cars, both American and European. He also enjoys listening to 1970s and 80s classic rock.

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