July 12, 2016

A Vision for Downtown Collierville

– Chamber Works –

An ad-hoc study committee was formed in February 2001 to investigate ways to strengthen the historical town square and its surrounding neighborhoods.

The committee spent approximately 6 months exploring the fundamental issues facing the square. Areas covered included a detailed inventory of existing structures and land uses, topographic and infrastructure analysis, development history, and a "strengths and weaknesses" analysis. The report "Traditions, a Plan for the Preservation of a Traditional Town Environment" prepared for the Collierville Historic District Commission was also reviewed. Numerous experts in various areas participated in brainstorm sessions with the committee, providing further insight. The area bounded by Poplar Avenue on the north, Cooper Street on the west, Keough Road on the south, and Eastly Street on the east was established as the study boundaries. The goals were 1) Create a vision for the downtown that would holistically strengthen the Square as well as the surrounding area; 2) Create a visual document of what could be; 3) Surface a strategic reuse opportunities for Town properties; and, 4) Develop policy suggestions that would strengthen the vitality of the Square and protect, refine, and further the sense of charm throughout the study area.