May 08, 2017

Capitol View development continues taking shape

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A new mixed-use development is rising in the shadow of the Tennessee State Capitol.

It’s called Capitol View, and it’s expected to bring thousands of residents, employees and shoppers to an area north of The Gulch.

This is a multi-phase project, which included the HCA building and the new LifeWay building.

Colin O’Grady lives just across the street from the Capitol View development.

“I’m pretty excited to see everything that’s going to come over there,” O’Grady said. “I’m sure having this come here is going to get a little bit harder to get off (Interstate 40).”

Retail partner Mark Traylor said these 30 acres of land provide a blank canvas.

“Overall, we’ll have a million square feet of office space, 130,000 feet of retail space,” Traylor said. “It’s an opportunity to re-invent this area as a commercial hub, but also has the residential component.

“That will be nearly 15 to 16 hundred people that will be active residents. The million square feet of office space will be slightly over 4,000 daytime employees,” Traylor added.

With thousands of new residents, employees and visitors come concerns about traffic and infrastructure.

Right now, the main feeder to this area is Charlotte Avenue and the exit off I-40 to Charlotte Avenue.

“We have about eight different ways to get in and out of the project,” Traylor said. “So it’s not just our main intersection. You may have a little more flow, a little more traffic, but there’s certainly ways to allow that traffic flow to move along at a more rapid pace.”

Developers tout new green space, bike trails and better connectivity, which they hope will encourage people to give up the keys.

“By filling in with density, walkability, hopefully a future rail or train stop along Charlotte Avenue, that makes it more possible for mass transit to succeed,” said office partner Thomas McDaniel.

The project is expected to be completed as early as 2019.


Originally Published on (News Channel 4)