June 29, 2021

FHN Finacial Set to Relocate HQ, 275 Employees to East Memphis

Memphis Business journal

By John Klyce

For almost 40 years, FHN Financial — the capital markets division of First Horizon Corp. – has been housed at 845 Crossover lane.  But in May 2022, the business will move its headquarters – and take its roughly 275 local employees with it.

FHN Financial has signed a lease for two floors at the Boyle Investment Company-owned 1000 Ridgeway Loop Road.  “It’s a fresh new space in a very desirable part of the city.  It’s also important to our employees, and we want to build something that works well for them, that they’re excited about,” said Rick Bollinger, EVP with FHN Financial.

The office at Crossover Lane spans 78,000 square feet, but according to Bollinger, the business isn’t currently using the entire space.  The new headquarters will have a smaller footprint, with the two floors encompassing a combined 50,000 square feet.

Both floors will be redone and modified to fit the needs of FHN Financial.  For example, the office will have a large, open sales and trading floor.  Refitting the space to reflect social distancing and pandemic-safety suggestions, however, isn’t top of mind.  While FHN Financial has made adjustments in current spaces, May 2022 is still almost a year away, and by then, the company expects the health situation to be different.

The renovations to the space are expected to be completed by April 2022.  ANF Architects has been selected as the architect for the build-out of the two floors – which, according to a document filed with the Shelby county Register of Deeds, are the second and third floors of the building.

FHN Financial plays a pivotal role for First Horizon.  An institutional business, its clients include banks, insurance companies, cities, counties, states and investment managers.  The organization works with 50% of domestic banks that have an investment portfolio of more than $100 million.

The 275 local employees make up more than half of its overall workforce, as the business has about 500 total employees, spread throughout 26 offices across the country.