April 12, 2016

Schilling Farms, LLC Makes Generous Donation to Schilling Farms Middle School (SFMS) STEM Program

Schilling Farms Middle School (SFMS) STEM Coordinator and STEM Innovations and Inventions Teacher – Mr. Erik Shoemake – is a recipient of a generous donation from Schilling Farms, LLC, which is a joint venture between Mr. Harry Smith and Boyle Investment Company.

Through Schilling Farm’s generous donation to SFMS’s STEM Program, Mr. Shoemake was able to procure necessary “real life-engineering” tools and equipment for hands-on learning and exploration. Mr. Shoemake used his donation to purchase several 3D-Printers, where he not only uses them for his STEM classes but for his competitive robotics teams as well.

Mr. Harry Smith and Mr. Gary Thompson, Vice President of Boyle Investment Company, had the opportunity to see Schilling Farms’ investment in 3D printers “in-use” while visiting Mr. Shoemake’s STEM and Robotics students at SFMS recently. Some examples printed from the STEM Classes were card holders, mini cones, spheres, and pyramids. Mr. Shoemake’s FTC Robotics Team successfully printed game elements, supportive wheelbases, phone clips and phone holders for use with their competitive robot.

Mr. Shoemake, his students and robotics teams sincerely thank Schilling Farms for making his donation available to them through SFMS’s STEM Program.

Schilling Farms, LLC Donation