July 22, 2015

2007 Commercial Real Estate 101

By Alexei Smirnov
– Business TN –

Hats off to Tennessee commercial real estate developers (and also architects, engineers, builders, brokers and lawyers shaping the industry). Reporting on the state’s economic conditions this past spring, UT-Knoxville’s Center for Business and Economic Research found that nonresidential construction activity in Tennessee kept the whole construction sector afloat while some other states had much less commercial activity to cover their subprime mortgage woes. In early 2007, Tennessee saw a 15.1% spike in the number of seasonally adjusted jobs in construction, and in 2006 construction sector employment made a solid 8% gain—all of which means that the state’s economy is in good hands. In the following pages, we present the figurative brick and mortar of the industry.

Rusty Bloodworth Executive VP Boyle Investment Co. MEMPHIS Studied community development in Scandinavia where he became enamored with European ideas of New Urbanism, then brought his passion to America. Builds large-scale multi-use communities he calls "new towns." Firm built Farmington, one of the earliest new urban communities.