August 04, 2015


Memphis Business Quarterly
Boyle Investment Company has announced the promotion of seven senior-level executives. Paul Boyle has been promoted to President, replacing Henry Morgan, who served as Boyle’s President from 1985 to 2012 and will now serve as Co-Chairman with Bayard Boyle, Jr. Mark Halperin has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Bayard Morgan, Henry Morgan, Jr. and Cary Whitehead have been promoted to Executive Vice President. Phil Fawcett has been promoted to Chief Manager of the Nashville Office and will be responsible for overseeing all Nashville-based developments and personnel policies. Paul Boyle now oversees all company operations. Mark Halperin will continue to lead the Boyle Memphis office leasing, development, and sales team and will help direct company operations, including strategy and personnel. Henry Morgan, Jr. and Bayard Morgan will work directly with senior department managers, and approve strategic direction and major decisions of the company. Cary Whitehead has both development and financial responsibilities heading retail development for the Memphis office and mortgage finance for the company.