August 03, 2015

Boyle Investment Company Makes Leadership Land Gift

– Wolf River Conservancy –

Boyle Investment Company agreed to conserve an important 290-acre parcel of forested Wolf River land that lies on the edge of the city within the Memphis Annexation Reserve area.

It includes over one mile of riverfront and is almost entirely within the designated floodplain. Remarkably, the beautiful stretch of land contains largely intact, unfragmented forest with stands of old growth timber and numerous wetland areas.

The property is located on the north side of the Wolf River, midway between Germantown Road and Houston Levee Road, and a short distance from the Lovitt Woods tract, which was given to the Conservancy by the City of Germantown through the Memphis Garden Club as remediation for the extension of Wolf River Boulevard. It is a critical link in the riverfront properties in East Memphis that connect the Germantown Greenway, Shelby Farms Park and the new Wolf River Wildlife Park at the Corps of Engineers’ river restoration site in Collierville.