August 10, 2015

Boyle Signs Multiple Tenants at Ridgeway Center

NewSouth Capital Management, Inc., a longtime Boyle tenant, relocated from 1100 Ridgeway Loop to occupy 9,000 square feet of space on the fifth floor of 999 Shady Grove. NewSouth Capital, an investment advisory firm, and the company’s co-founders, Trow Gillespie and Steve Morrow, have had a relationship with Boyle that began in the early 1970s. The firm has continued to partner with Boyle in several different buildings in Ridgeway Center. By relocating to 999 Shady Grove, NewSouth Capital’s old space is providing Boyle the opportunity to expand the rapidly growing headquarters of Sedgwick CMS located in 1100 Ridgeway Loop.
“Trow and Steve have been valued tenants for almost 40 years,” said Mark Halperin, Executive Vice President of Boyle. “We’re delighted to continue this great relationship with them as a new tenant in 999 Shady Grove.”
The two new leases bring the building’s occupancy rate up to 95 percent.
959 Ridgeway Loop Road
Dunavant Enterprises, Inc. signed a 20,000-square-foot lease at 959 Ridgeway Loop Road. The new office space is now home to the privately held global logistic firm’s world headquarters.
“The move of our headquarters into this new space at Ridgeway Center is a natural transition for Dunavant and one that is strategic in nature as we continue to expand as a company,” said William B. Dunavant III, CEO and President of Dunavant Enterprises. “As we focus the company’s interests, now in global logistics and transportation, investments, and real estate development, we wanted to be in a location that is near many of our business partners, and this space accomplishes that.”
“We are extremely excited to have one of Memphis’ most admired worldwide companies join us at Ridgeway Center,” said Mark Halperin. “We have had both long-term business and personal relationships with many of the Dunavant principals.”