July 22, 2015

Businesses Set to Open Offices in Schilling Farms

– The Collierville Herald –

Two office buildings in the Schilling Farms area are scheduled to receive their first tenants this year, increasing the business presence of the multi-use planned development.

Thyssen Systems, Inc. and Physiotherapy Associates are both leasing space in the Schilling Farms Business Center at 1125 Schilling Blvd. East and are expected to move in in February.

The Thyssen office, a branch of Thyssen-Dover Elevator, Inc., will occupy 11,712 sq. ft. to serve as its regional headquarters and employ 36 employees including its administration office.

Physiotherapy Associates, a physical therapy clinic, will use 3,696 sq. ft. for its offices.

Together, the two offices will use 15,408 sq. ft., or 25 percent of the 62,000 sq. ft. building. Boyle Investments, Inc., the developer of the Schilling Farms area, said other companies have expressed interest in the 46,592 sq. ft. still vacant.

Boyle is also developing a four-story office building for Helena Chemical Company’s new headquarters at 225 Schilling Blvd.

Helena is set to occupy 80 percent of the building, with the remaining space available to lease in August.