August 05, 2020

Collierville Planning Commission to Review More Multi-Family Units at Schilling Farms

The Daily Memphian

By Abigail Warren

Boyle Investment Company is seeking approval of town homes, triplexes, duplexes and flats at Schilling Farms in Collierville.

The town’s Planning Commission is scheduled to review the proposal for the development’s northwest portion at its meeting Thursday. Schilling Farms, a 443-acre mixed-use development, is easily seen along Poplar Avenue and Winchester Boulevard.

“The Boyle Schilling Farms Community is the premier mixed-use development in West Tennessee and one of the nicest ongoing real-estate projects in the Mid-South,” John Duncan, director of economic development in Collierville, said. “Schilling Farms is a key differentiator for us as we continue to promote our community for expansion and relocation.”

This project, known as “The Water Tower District,” will add 256 rental units in town, creating additional living options in Collierville. The neighborhood will encompass a water tower located in the area since the 1950s, when it was farmland. The tower won’t be functional but is a “marker referencing the past,” according to Les Binkley, Boyle Investment Company vice-president.

Collierville has 2,592 stand-alone apartments. The 2040 Land Use Plan says that number should not exceed 3,532 – excluding the Downtown area that could see more. When that plan was developed, town leaders knew of potential multi-family units at Schilling Farms.

The zoning allows multi-family, and previous approvals allow up to 1,725 units. The development already has 1,180.

The Water Tower district will add 109 one-bedroom units, 93 with two bedrooms and 54 with three.

The proposed differing building styles meet town guidelines.

“There’s nothing like it,” according to Rusty Bloodworth, Boyle Investment Company’s executive vice president. “It’s by far the most complex predominantly residential community that’s almost ever been done (in the area).”

He said the only concept in the area slightly similar is Harbor Town along the Mississippi River with its various living options.

Duncan said the neighborhood “continues Boyle’s commitment to Collierville.”

Boyle aims to make the neighborhood walkable, with common open space as a distinct feature of the area.

The property has some old oak trees that Boyle plans to keep. They hope the neighborhood feels secluded away from bustling Poplar Avenue.

Developers also want some nonresidential development on the west side of the property just south of Poplar Avenue.

Schilling Farms has been two decades in the making. Boyle still has land zoned for offices. Binkley hopes another group like IMC Companies will make Schilling Farms its headquarters home.