July 22, 2015

Conversations with Don Burkett-President of Sedgwick

– Boyle Report –

Don Burkett, vice president of administration for Sedgwick James. Inc., is responsible for his firm’s real estate leasing across the country. He was in charge of Sedgwick’s move to a new building in East Memphis at Ridgeway Center, and he worked closely with Boyle executives on all phases of the project.

Editor: Why did you select Boyle as the developer of Sedgwick’s new office building?

Mr. Burkett: It was our feeling that Boyle is the most well-established real estate developer in this area, particularly in East Memphis, where Sedgwick has resided for 20 years. Boyle’s fine reputation as both a developer and property manager was paramount in our decision to work with them. Throughout the process, Boyle’s performance certainly lived up to their outstanding reputation.

Editor: What is your impression of the new Sedgwick building?

Mr. Burkett: We’re very pleased with the new building and very proud to have it known as Sedgwick Center. Our clients and colleagues have had nothing but good things to say about our offices.

Editor: What has been your overall experience working with Boyle?

Mr. Burkett: If you’re ever built a new home, you can imagine the difficulties I building a new office building-it’s like building a 100,000-square-foot home. Despite the magnitude of this challenge, our experience with Boyle has been pleasant and we’ve worked well together as a team. Whenever a need arose during the project, Boyle was cooperative and very responsive to our requests and requirements.