July 27, 2017

Dave Ramsey outlines company’s future at groundbreaking for new HQ

Dave Ramsey clearly expects Berry Farms to serve as the home for his company, Ramsey Solutions, for a long time to come.

Ramsey hosted a groundbreaking for his company’s new headquarters today in southern Williamson County’s Berry Farms development , where Ramsey Solutions will build on a 47-acre site that the company bought in 2015. Ramsey said at the ceremony that he chose the site to allow for room to grow the business.

“We were looking for a big piece of ground where we could build a full complex over time,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey Solutions is currently based in Brentwood. It was founded in 1992, when Ramsey first began financial counseling.

Ramsey said the new campus will eventually include three buildings with the capacity to hold 3,000 to 4,000 people, a growth point he expects the company to reach 20 years or more down the road. Ramsey Solutions now has more than 600 employees and plans to add 175 more within the next year, according to a news release.

Ramsey paid $10.9 million — all cash, in keeping with his advice to avoid debt — for the 47 acres. The new headquarters will be more than 223,000 square feet in size and is also being funded entirely with cash. The building will include a coffeeshop and a bookstore where guests can watch “The Dave Ramsey Show” as it’s being broadcast live over the airwaves.

The company currently occupies 150,000 square feet of space throughout the Cool Springs area.

The company is receiving incentives from Franklin and Williamson County as part of the expansion. To maintain those property-tax reductions, Ramsey Solutions must hire nearly 400 more employees by 2023 and 400 more by 2028, according to a news release.

“We are moving at the speed of cash,” Ramsey said in the news release. “Being debt free is not just something I talk about on the radio, and it’s not just for personal finance. Our company has always been debt free, and building a new campus will not change that. We are cash-flowing the entire building process.”

Ramsey emphasized at the ceremony that he dedicates the project to God.

“If God hadn’t put his hand in this, it wouldn’t have occurred,” he said.


Originally Published in the Nashville Business Journal

By Julia Faulkner