August 10, 2015

Environmental Sensitivity: A Priority for Boyle’s Residential Communities

The Pinnacle of Germantown

Doug Dickens of Boyle’s residential team was recently named Developer of the Year by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) for the design of an environmentally sensitive site for the Pinnacle of Germantown, a 16.4-acre residential development at Poplar Avenue and Old Dogwood Road in Germantown. The award was presented at the Urban and Community Forestry Awards of Excellence, where winners were recognized for their outstanding leadership and promotion of urban forestry in their communities.

Boyle partnered with Dalhoff Thomas Daws as well as Davis Engineering Company to design an environmentally sensitive site, preserving many of the existing trees and creating many open spaces for the residents to enjoy. The site was previously a family homestead where the lack of disturbance had allowed a

small hardwood forest, including oaks, elms, hickory and maple, to cover most of the property. Boyle’s team decided that the existing trees defined the character of the site and were the most important element to be considered when making design decisions, even if this resulted in a lower number of home sites.

The end result was the preservation of 565 trees, with only twenty-percent of the site disturbed by development of the property. Dickens and his consultants worked with the City of Germantown to prevent the removal of many of the trees that would have been required by the standard street modifying requirements. The entrance drive was located in such a way that it worked around the existing tree locations and home sites were located so as to preserve existing tree cover. As a result, the Pinnacle of Germantown offers residents wide expanses of common open space that accommodate existing creekbeds along with meandering drives through the trees.

Boyle and their design team brought to the development community an understanding that, in order to preserve the environment, revision to existing guidelines was needed. Boyle has created an unusual residential community after which other communities will be modeled in the coming years.

Boyle’s residential team
pictured above L to R:

John Faquin, Gary Thompson, Doug Dickens, and Chris Dickens