July 22, 2015

He’s Looking for a Long-Term Relationship

– Boyle Excellence In Real Estate –

Mark Halperin isn’t afraid of commitment. In fact, the senior vice president of office properties for Boyle has built a career on it. Mark believes that properties are long-term investments that should be meticulously planned and maintained. He thinks that strong local ownership and long-term relationships with tenants are a big part of their success.

Just look at Boyle’s largest project—the new Morgan Keegan Building. Located in the heart of East Memphis, the Class-A property is being built next to Boyle’s Sedgewick building in Ridgeway Center. With up to 100,000 square feet of space, it will offer advanced climate control systems, undergound parking and hundreds of distinctive features designed to give the building lasting, long-term value. It’s not the way a lot of companies do business these days. But Mark, he’s a little old fashioned.