July 12, 2016

How Has Your Company Incorporated Art Into It’s Commercial Buildings?

How has that art impacted those buildings?
Memphis Business Journal
Rusty Bloodworth
Executive Vice President
Boyle Investment Company

In our earlier days, Boyle focused primarily on oils or mixed media inside our buildings, but over the last 20 years, we have been viewing the spaces outside or between our buildings as places that could be enriched by the careful incorporation of sculpture, unique hardscape and specially designed graphics and outdoor furniture. Our direction has been to view the entire exterior zone as a place intimately tied to the surrounding architecture so that they are seamless in approach and design. A good example is our 999 Shady Grove Road building which houses SunTrust. We created a sculpture garden between two buildings, and worked with the UrbanArt Commission to incorporate a wonderful steel sculpture [see photo above] by sculptor John Medwedeff. The introduction of serious art into our projects creates a richness that is meaningful to our tenants and the community.