August 13, 2021

Kathy Pampuro Named to Women Who Lead by Memphis Business Journal

Women Who Lead/Commercial Real Estate/Memphis Business Journal Special Section

If there ever was a time for leadership, 2020 was the year.  And, commercial real estate was certainly negatively impacted by COVID, as many workers moved into work-from-home space.  For Memphis Business Journal’s next group of Women Who Lead, honoring executives in commercial real estate (CRE) seemed to be a logical choice.  Also logical is highlighting the accomplishments of women who have broken through the glass ceiling and helped define their businesses, as well as the local marketplace.  Each woman chosen by MBJ’s editorial team has qualities that define leadership – from pushing through challenges to moving a business forward to career-altering decision-making.  Within commercial real estate, the ten Women Who Lead honorees are leaders at some of Memphis’ highest profile real estate firms, from national CRE brands to locally owned firms.  The honorees in CRE have closed millions of dollars and square feet in deals, placed countless tenants in space, and continually provide the real estate structure that makes the local economy grow.

Kathy Pampuro, Senior Vice President, Boyle Investment Company

Kathy Pampuro has had a three-decade career with Boyle Investment Company and has been involved in innumerable office deals for one of the metro’s largest office real estate landlords. Since her start with the firm in the 1980s, the firm has tripled the amount of office space developed, owned and managed in Memphis, giving Pampuro no shortage of real estate tasks.  Her next professional goal is something of a vendetta against vacant square footage on Boyle’s occupancy report.  She has the lofty goal of 100% occupancy for all of Boyle’s office properties.  But, a goal more easily achieved involves her connection with tenants.  “It is gratifying seeing a space transformation and how excited our tenants are about their new office or even a refurbishment or space modification for a tenant renewal,” Pampuro said.