July 12, 2016

New Businesses Moved to Collierville

– The Collierville Herald –

Two businesses, Helena Chemical Co. and Orion Packaging, are opening their headquarters in Collierville.

Orion Packaging System, a manufacturer of stretch wrapping machines, has opened its headquarters at 100 Crescent Dr. in Schilling Farms.

Its 20,000-square-foot building will serve as the company’s sales and service headquarters, main distribution center and training facility. The new headquarters has conference facilities, a display area for Orion equipment and warehouse space so orders can be immediately shipped.

Helena Chemical Co., which received a $1 million tax incentive from Collierville, is beginning the development of its new headquarters in Schilling Farms.

The company’s corporate office will be located in a 104,000-square-foot office building on a 6.2 acre lot in the center of the Schilling Farms community. Helena is expected to move into its new building in August of next year with 208 employees.