February 29, 2016

Price Farms Development Moves Along, West of Schilling Tract

By Ron Caldwell
– The Collierville Herald –

While work is progressing at a brisk pace on development of the $350 million and 443-acre Schilling Farms in Collierville. Work on its sister development just west on Poplar Avenue known as Price Farms is also making progress, according to developers of the two massive centers.

"Schilling Farms has received a lot of attention and rightfully so," said Rusty Bloodworth, executive vice president of Boyle, which is developing both Schilling and Price Farms. "But Price Farms’ time is coming and people are really going to be excited by this project.

Bloodworth said that both Schilling and Price are mixed used developments, but that Schilling will tend to be more office and residential oriented while Price Farms will feature more retail. Schilling Farms will feature 1.5 million square feet of office space and 90 acres of distribution space.

"We see Price Farms as a destination retail center for this region as well as a neighborhood retail destination," said Bloodworth.

Price Farms will be approximately 225 acres with 152 acres of retail space and 48 acres designated for office and hotel, with 25 acres for offices and showrooms, according to Boyle projections.

On the south part of Price Farms, plans call for there to be a hotel sitting on a 12 acre site near Winchester and Nonconnah Parkway close to the new FedEx campus and the planned Bill Heard Chevrolet dealership, said Bloodworth.

He said that the developers cannot announce the name of the hotel company yet.

"There has been a great deal of interest from FedEx and others for a hotel in that location," said Bloodworth. "It is a great location right there at Collierville’s new front."

He added that more work has been done on Price Farms than the public might realize.

"We have been doing a lot of work on the infrastructure in there getting the project ready," said Bloodworth. "We’ve spent a lot of time doing the work that no one really has seen."

Bloodworth said that the Price Farms development will receive a major shot in the arm due to its location with two state-funded road projects.

He cited the extension of Nonconnah Parkway from its current ending point at Bailey Station in Collierville to the next stretch to Byhalia Road.

" Work is really progressing on that new stretch and that will be great for us," said Bloodworth. "We are also looking forward to the completion of the work that is being done on the extension of Bailey Station or Houston Levee south of Collierville Road to Shelby Drive."