August 03, 2015

Saving Some Green?

By Editorial
– The Commercial Appeal –

Here’s a survival tip for the trees of Shelby County: Get as close to a road as you can.

Unfortunately, trees aren’t known for their ambulatory skills. But it sure seems like some developers have suddenly taken a liking to trees that might otherwise be plowed under to make way for road improvements.

This week, the Memphis City Council set a March 7 public hearing date to discuss developer Rusty Hyneman’s request to save a cluster of trees along Berryhill Road in front of a subdivision he’s building.

The situation is similar to one in Collierville, where Boyle Investment Co. is hoping to save trees in front of one of its subdivisions on Shelton Road.

In both cases, the developers are asking for waivers from requirements to widen the roads in front of their subdivisions, which would require removal of trees.

Here’s the difference: Boyle has committed to pay an amount equal to what the road-widening would cost in order to save the trees.

At that hearing next month, someone should ask Hyneman if he’s willing to do the same.