December 17, 2015

Schilling Farms is the Talk of the Town in Collierville

– Mid South Living Home & Garden Magazine –

The Neighborhood at Schilling Farms has the look of one of those old, slow-paced communities that you don’t see much anymore. It’s a place where tree lined streets and generous sidewalks come together in a lazy sort of curve, reminiscent of a small southern town. The homes, inspired by the rich architectural heritage of old Collierville, are unique in lieu of today’s cookie cutter subdivisions. The front porches are the kind where neighbors stop to chat over a glass of iced tea (the sweetened version, of course). And at night, illuminated antique light posts enhance the cozy, quaint atmosphere.

The Neighborhood is part of a 443-acre community that has many of the same features of a small town. Frankly, you feel as though you’ve stepped into an upscale version of June Cleaver’s neighborhood with all of the modern amenities that we’ve grown accustomed to expect.

In addition to the small town charm, residents have easy access to a Methodist Healthcare Center, recreation at the YMCA, a Shelby County middle school, a park, a church, a day care center and restaurants to name but a few of the amenities.

Another delightful aspect is that The Neighborhood sports some of the existing landmarks that make the town of Collierville recognizable and special. For example, the white rail fence and brickwork that frame the entrance are replicas of the original fence surrounding the former working farm owned by the Schilling family. Custom designed entrance treatments maintain the look of the original brickwork and fence, and include new elements as well, such as a 40-foot white agrarian tower that unmistakably lets you know you’ve arrived in Schilling Farms.

The names of the park and all of the streets give The Neighborhood even more charm as they are named for individuals who played a key role in the history of Collierville. McGinnis Park is named after Wiley Washington McGinnis who was the first to landscape the Collierville Square. McGinnis is also the grandfather of former Mayor Herman Cox. Several of the street names included Hoyahka, named after the Native American who received what is now the Schilling development as part of the Chickasaw Land Treaty; Colvert, Chickasaw Indian chief involved in the treaty; Deloach, major Collierville landholder; McFerrin, Collierville Methodist minister, and Clarence Russell, Collierville historian.

To further enhance The Neighborhood, a grove of 75 year old oak trees in the adjacent McGinnis Park have been preserved to provide residents with a shaded, peaceful environment. The sidewalks, that are a generous 15 feet from the street, feature attractive brick accents at each intersection. Custom-designed green benches are strategically placed for walkers who need a rest. As one can well imagine, the neighborhood with its blending of new and old, is lovely. J.A. Hayden, III of Boyle Investment Company, the real estate investment firm that developed Schilling Farms, remarks: "Special care has been taken to ensure that all homes are both distinctive and complementary to their surroundings. Lot sizes average approximately 9,200 square feet, and homes are priced from around $350,000. The overall concept for this neighborhood is that it be a place where residents can live, work and grow."

Most would agree that after taking a stroll through The Neighborhood at Schilling Farms, the community is an ideal location for families of all ages. It’s a retreat where the old and the new meet and compliment each other quite nicely.

Founded in 1933, Boyle Investment Company is a Memphis real estate development, management and leasing firm specializing in office, retail, industrial and residential properties. To find out more information about The Neighborhood at Schilling Farms, contact J.A. Hayden, III at 901.767.0100