July 13, 2018

Scorecard: Dave Ramsey outlines company’s future at groundbreaking for new HQ

Nashville Business Journal

July 13, 2018

Scorecard checks back on our headlines from a year ago.

Then: In July 2017, personal finance guru Dave Ramsey broke ground on Ramsey Solutions’ new 47-acre home. Ramsey paid $10.2 million in cash for the acreage in Williamson County’s Berry Farms development in 2015 and said he would pay cash for construction of the 223,000-square-foot building as well. Ramsey Solutions projected that employees would move from the company’s spread-out Cool Springs headquarters to the new building by August 2019. The business employed 600 people in 2017 and projected it would hire about 125 within the following year.

Now: According to Ramsey Solutions spokeswoman Beth Tallent, the company is on track to move into the new headquarters by August 2019. Construction on the building topped out in mid-July, Tallent said, meaning beams have been placed on the top floors. Ramsey has contracted Nashville-based Gresham, Smith and Partners to design the building and Solomon Builders for construction. Ramsey Solutions has hired more than 200 employees since the company broke ground on the new building, and Tallent expects that another 125 positions will be filled before December.

Next: The new building will house 1,000 employees, Tallent said. She expects that with new hires, the company’s staff should fill the space completely. The building will include a coffeeshop and a bookstore where guests can watch “The Dave Ramsey Show” as it is being broadcast live. A good portion of the company’s current headquarters in Cool Springs is housed in leased buildings, although Ramsey owns a portion of the space that is already on the market, Tallent said. With much of Ramsey’s acreage left unused, Tallent said the company is leaving room for growth and could potentially build more offices in the future.