July 12, 2016

Taking the Reins for 1999

By Laurie Johnson
– The Daily News –

A 23-year career in housing and land development has yielded a unique blend of blessings and burdens for David K. Gribble, the Memphis Area Home Builders Association’s president-designate for 1999.

The most enjoyable aspects have been the people, the opportunities and the challenges that arise, he said.

"We always need to be prepared for change," said Gribble, vice president of Boyle Investment Co.

The MAHBA will confirm Gribble as president at a reception Thursday at the association’s offices, at which new officers and board of directors members for 1999 also will be confirmed.

During his upcoming term, Gribble plans to focus on addressing regulatory issues that restrict housing and land development in Memphis and Shelby County, forging relationships with real estate agents and educating the public about the benefits of using a Registered Builder.

Gribble, who has been involved in residential and commercial land and project development with Boyle since 1976, said he believes it would be short sighted of Memphis and Shelby County to place any moratoriums on development that could drive its tax base into neighboring counties or states.

"I think we are all trying to keep close eye on any growth management activities that communities throughout Tennessee are involved in," he said, explaining that when a municipality decides to restrict growth in a certain area, water and sewer extensions are affected.

"The thing that I am most concerned with is, I don’t want those of us in Memphis and Shelby County to find ourselves in an unfair position of competing with our surrounding neighbors," he said.

"I would hate for restrictions to be placed in Memphis and Shelby County that other municipalities and states don’t have to deal with."

A healthy local economy depends on healthy building activity, he said.

"When you take into consideration all of the trades that are involved in developing a piece of property and building a home, and then spin off of that everything that has to be purchased, from the building materials to the appliances to decorating, this has a very positive impact on the community.

"I hope that our governing bodies will take that into consideration with any kind of growth management program."

Gribble said the MAHBA plans to work closely with city and county officials to promote growth, as well as affordable housing.

"We want to do everything we can to make Memphis and Shelby County an exciting place to live and raise families," he said.