July 12, 2018

Taziki’s expanding CityPark restaurant, plans more locations

Franklin Home Page

July 12, 2018

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café is expanding its Brentwood restaurant in CityPark.

The Birmingham-based restaurant chain also has leased space for a new Columbia location. There are locations in Cool Springs and Franklin.

“We have eyes on more locations in Tennessee,” said Dale Wasem, of Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe. “We have plans to open an additional location in Tennessee later in 2018.”

The Taziki’s Brentwood location bought an adjoining space in the shopping complex where the restaurant is currently housed, which will enable it to expand its seating capacity from 96 to 144. The expansion should be completed in mid-September.

The new space formerly housed Lacrosse Nashville.

Both old and new spaces will be refreshed and the expansion will follow the updated design, which reflects a ‘Mediterranean-Coastal’ atmosphere with exposed stone and painted white shiplap adorned walls. Shades of bright white and deep ocean blue will be present throughout with hanging wicker lanterns.

In the rear of the restaurant, a community board will list local non-profit events with information about how to participate, furthering the at-home, community feel.

After researching, Taziki’s found that half of their business was driven from takeout orders. The restaurant will have a larger space for customers to retrieve their food at the ‘To Go’ counter. The restaurant currently offers convenient ways to order ahead, both with a mobile app and online ordering options.

“Taziki’s is appreciative of our customer base. Cool Springs has seen a 22% increase in sales in recent months and Brentwood is on average 10-15% up year to date,” Wasem said. “We believe great food brings people together, and we want our restaurant guests to feel like dinner guests in our home. We want our guests to enjoy extraordinary food that is as colorful as the Mediterranean.”

The restaurant’s website, tazikiscafe.com, provides descriptions of each entrée as well as nutritional information.