February 19, 2016

Town Officials Say Schilling Is Positive Town Symbol

By Tony Marks
– The Collierville Herald –

The look and layout of Schilling Farms makes it a symbol of Collierville and makes a positive impression to those driving into town, said some town officials.

“The overall concept has been nice and as build-out continues the Schilling Farms community is becoming more and more of a focal point,” said alderman John Walko.

Mayor Linda Kerley agrees and said that the slow pace of development to make sure it is something special has made it a positive symbol of Collierville.

“I appreciate the fact that the developers have taken the time in developing just the right amount of companies to come to Schilling Farms,” she said. “It’s a large entryway into Collierville.”

Some aldermen have had concerns that the unified look of the development was different than expected and that the view of new apartments in the area is overwhelming. But Mayor Kerley said that Schilling’s developers have moved at a good pace.

“It’s sometimes easier to say yes to anything instead of waiting for the right time,” she said. The town is seeing a lot of interest from corporate headquarters thanks to Schilling Farms, said alderman Stan Joyner.

“I think it’s certainly a great asset to the town being laid out like it is,” he said. “It sure looks nice.