With the perspective of more than half a century, we are committed to a real estate investment philosophy that minimizes risk and maximizes profits.

Boyle Investment Company began in 1933 in the middle of the Great Depression to aid large insurance companies with their real estate portfolios. Founded by direct descendants of John Overton, an early settler of Nashville who founded Memphis in 1819 with Andrew Jackson, the Boyle family has remained in direct control and ownership for 90 years, spanning a period of five wars, multiple recessions, a quadrupling of interest rates, the advent of double digit inflation, and the emergence and disappearance of numerous real estate fads.

Throughout this period, Boyle has kept to the same value-oriented principles of careful demographic and growth pattern analysis, a “deep bench” of internal experts, and a commitment to excellence in all projects developed. Our objective is to seek strategically located properties in high quality growth areas, with significant appreciation potential in their own right, and that can be significantly enhanced by Boyle’s value-adding skills. We approach each property from an investor’s point of view, seeking to understand the underlying intrinsic value of the property, as well as the steps that must be taken to unlock that value. The consistency of our results over many decades has confirmed our confidence in this approach.

Over the years, wise planning and a conservative management philosophy have enabled Boyle to create ongoing opportunities regardless of market conditions. In the changing real estate industry, Boyle’s strength and durability is extraordinary, and the Boyle name will continue to be a respected one in real estate into the next century.